Effective January 1, 2013, the Texas Golf Association (TGA) assumed the role of managing agent of the Trans-Mississippi Golf Association (TMGA), one of the oldest and most prestigious amateur golf associations in the United States.

Founded in 1901, the TMGA promotes the amateur game of golf by providing a number of services for its member clubs, including conducting three annual championships – the Trans-Mississippi Amateur, Senior Amateur and Four-Ball – and awarding the Trans-Miss Turf Scholarship Fund, which grants educational scholarships each year to young men and women pursuing careers as golf course superintendents or in other areas of turf management at 21 universities across the U.S.

 “We are excited to have joined forces with the TGA and their staff to take our organization to a new level with our championships and our support for young men and women interested in pursuing a career in agronomy,” said John Pigg, president of the TMGA.

Pigg added, “When we changed the format of our Amateur Championship a few years ago to allow college players to participate it became apparent that we needed to team up with an association that had the capability of greatly enhancing the players’ championship experience.  The TGA and their staff possess not only the necessary resources and expertise, but also have a well-earned reputation within the golf community of running first-class events.”

Rob Addington, Executive Director of the TGA, and David Prinz, a longtime member of the TGA Championship Department, will oversee the day-to-day operations of the TMGA, including the administration of the association’s three annual championships and Turf Scholarship Fund.  

“Our affiliation with the Trans-Miss and what it stands for was a good match for both organizations,” Addington said. “We look forward to working with some of the top facilities around the country to further the TMGA’s mission of promoting and advancing the true spirit of amateur golf.”

About the Texas Golf Association

Established in 1906, the TGA has served the needs of its member clubs for more than a century by providing a comprehensive range of services such as handicapping, course ratings, educational seminars, junior developmental programs and initiatives, in addition to conducting the most prestigious amateur golf competitions in Texas.  With over 450 member clubs, representing more than 120,000 individuals, the TGA is one of the largest and most dynamic golf associations in the country.

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