Spectator Guidelines

Unless otherwise noted in specific Championship Information, Trans-Mississippi Golf Association (TMGA) competitions and our host venues welcome spectators at no charge.  Spectators are reminded of the following guidelines to ensure that they have an enjoyable experience while at a TMGA Competition:

  • TMGA Competitions focus on the competitors and our member clubs who graciously host competitions each year. Spectators are reminded that they are guests of our host clubs and must abide by their rules and regulations as set forth, which may include conduct, accessibility or dress codes.
  • Spectators are expected to respect competitors, staff and volunteers from the host club, as well as TMGA staff and tournament officials.
  • Spectators may be asked to check-in at the entrance to a host club for further information; host clubs reserve the right to limit access to their premises at their discretion. Any additional host club polices will be communicated at this time or posted on the TMGA Information Board on-site. 
  • Spectators may walk on the golf course, but must not enter any area defined by signage, fencing, ropes or similar infrastructure, which limits spectator access.
  • Spectator (golf) carts will not be permitted; however, those with ADA requirements may request the use of a medical cart through the host club golf shop.  Approval for the use of a medical cart will be granted by a host club representative and TMGA staff, contingent upon proper ADA documentation being provided and cart availability.  Individuals using a medical cart must follow the TMGA medical cart guidelines provided at the time of approval, which may include but are not limited to authorization of a liability waiver, a nominal cart access fee and/or accessibility guidelines (i.e. staying on cart paths). 

Any spectator who does not abide by the guidelines noted above will be asked to leave the grounds immediately and risks the ability to attend future TMGA Competitions in any capacity.

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